Want to get involved in your community, but don't know where to start? Have a great idea to effect change, but need a team?

Current social media can energize us around an issue but often ends up being all talk. WokeUp connects you with resources and local collaborators to plug in and take meaningful action.

Become a better citizen today! You’ll be the first to get tips, guides to activism, and collaborative features that connect you with passionate folks in your local area.



Empower citizens to transform their communities through meaningful, effective civic engagement and reclaim democracy.


Develop the necessary political infrastructure for the 21st century through a virtuous social network, providing technology tools and resources for effective activism. Encourage the smallest acts of justice and kindness, with an understanding that the power of personal connection can shape our world. Make civic involvement simple, fun and an enduring American value.

About WokeUp

WokeUp was born in the aftermath of the divisive 2016 US Presidential election. This vicious election cycle revealed the frayed social fabric of American democracy. To overcome our deep polarization, a group of longtime activists made a few simple hypotheses:

Social media can be a tool to effect meaningful action.

Volunteer time is as valuable a resource as donor dollars.

Protests and resistance are losing their effectiveness.

The American renaissance will begin at the community level, not in Washington.

When the right people get connected, change happens.

WokeUp is an elegant experiment to test these assumptions.

Making Change

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